Let’s Talk: How do you keep track of your blogging ideas/schedule?

Blogging schedule

I spent the majority of last weekend and into this week creating a bullet journal, with plans to use it to organize everything bookish/blogging related in my life.  I’ve created my own planners for years, but this is my first time using the bullet journal system. I’ve only been using it for a week now, but I absolutely love it so far.  All of the planning I did to organize all the post-its and notebooks full of blogging ideas and notes to myself really made me wonder how other bloggers stay organized.  I’ve seen some people use digital or print calendars, planners, a blank notebook, or just their phone.

It can be difficult to keep track of blogging commitments: reviews, blog tours, blitzes, author interviews, giveaways, etc. without having some kind of organization system.  Because I’ve used paper planners in the past, I think this is what really works for me.  Right now I post M-F, and I plan out posts a week at a time on a big post-it note that I stick onto my weekly journal spread. I also use the Stickies app on my Mac to list future blogging commitments that are more than a month out (blitzes, blog tours, etc).  I’m thinking about using iCal as well for an additional organizational tool.

I also like to have a tool to keep track of ARCs and my notes for reviews, but decided to do that separate from my planning. I had been using a blank notebook until I figured out a system that worked for me, but my wonderful Round 3 OTSP Secret Sister Erin  just sent me an amazing Book Lover’s Journal (similar to this), and I think that’s going to work perfectly for me. It has pages for reviews, reading group schedules, a place to keep track of wish lists, and more!

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Here are some shots of my bullet journal if you’re curious how I have things set up:


Tomorrow’s entry so far



Blog Stats Growth chart from Stay Bookish‘s Book Blog planner, and a list of the Top Ten Tuesday topics (using washi tape so I can update it each month)


January Wrap-Up and Bookish Bingo, the first of many 2016 reading challenge pages. The blue squares are post-its so that I can reuse the same page when next season’s bingo board is announced.


#RockMyTBR and eBook Reading Challenge  pages (blank because I’ll be updating at the end of each month)



#SixSquared and my blogging challenges (Commenting 365 and the Book Blog Discussion Challenge).

I also have spreads to keep track of my ideas for discussion posts and general blog posts, but I’m keeping the contents of those a mystery…



And on the back page of my bullet journal, I’ve taped in a copy of the Read Harder Challenge, just in case I need some extra reading inspiration throughout the year.


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What do you use to organize and plan for your blog? I’m always looking for new ideas, so I’d love to hear what works for you. Share in the comments below or link me to your own discussion post! 

25 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: How do you keep track of your blogging ideas/schedule?

  1. Right now, I have a dollar store to-do list that is broken down by days. If my blog becomes something bigger and involves giveaways and blitzes, I’m sure I’ll adopt a more organized system. I also have a word document with tables set up for each category of the 6 Squared Challenge. Your bullet journal turned out great!


    • I started out with a general to-do list too, but I ended up having so many different ones to keep track of blitzes, future blog commitments, and all my reading challenges that I needed to start something to combine it all! I love that you have a word doc for 6 Squared! That definitely helps to keep track.


  2. Oh I use a bullet journal too – but not really for blog-planning, just for daily logging I guess. I don’t really have plans. If I have ideas or I’ve been tagged in something, I’ll usually just jot it down in my notebook but other than that, I just go with the flow 😛


  3. Last year I didn’t organize or plan for blog posts. It was read, review and post. This year I’ve started organizing. At first I used google docs but now I use google docs & a bullet journal.

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      • It will help. I haven’t read so much this month but I scheduled two post in the first week of Jan (plus on in December) & I haven’t had to worry about posting something the last three weeks. Also it gives you a deadline. Like I just finished a book a last Friday & for some reason it’s taking a while for me to write but I have a deadline so I’m going go write it. Also I’ve been able to have about 2 posts a week since I’m scheduling. 🙂

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  4. As a person who is also attempting to organize life, let me just say, I aM LOVING THIS!! It’s all very compact but astetically pleasing and detailed but to the point. I bought an Erin Condren and now don’t know how to live my day to day life without it. I’m trying different tactics to incorporate a blogging structure to it but since I don’t necessarily *have* a blogging structure yet it’s all a work in progress. This was really inspiring!! I can’t wait to see how it works out for you!


    • Thank you!! I love the idea of the Erin Condren planners, but I find big spiral bound notebooks really difficult to write in neatly. The spiral always gets in my way when I’m writing.

      Blog planning is definitely trial and error! I tried a lot of different layouts and planning ideas in a blank notebook before I found something I liked and started using the bullet journal.

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  6. I don’t have a lot to keep track of blog wise since I am just starting out but I just keep it all on a calender and my thoughts/notes in a binder. Im old school I guess. I tried bullet journaling once and didn’t stick to it, which is odd because I really wanted to like it.

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  7. I use a paper calendar planner. I can write in when I sign up for blitzes/reveals/tours etc, schedule out when each post goes up. I use a journal to write out thoughts for reviews. I also keep my running list of post ideas and challenges in the back. It works out perfectly!


  8. Woah! These are so creative! Definitely makes me want a dot journal. Right now I’m journaling while reading but using Trello for managing ideas and such. It’s really handy, but definitely not as fun and creative as your journal!


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  10. I keep things very simple-I have a post ideas list on scribbless.com (free) and that’s about it 🙂 As I look ahead to the following month I pull which topics I want to blog about from the list and move them to the draft area of Blogger. Then as time allows I work on them. I’ve changed direction on my blog and only do discussion posts, so that simplifies things quite a bit (really nothing to schedule/keep track of).



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  13. I am new to book blogging and so I don’t have any concrete way to organize for my blog. I currently use a planner system/layout from Purple Ink Studies and it’s been helpful especially when I was recently participating a recent blog challenge. I do like your techniques. I need to explore ways to help me and get me more active on my blog.


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