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I’ve never been so excited to participate in a readathon before! This one is going to be so much fun. #ReadThemAllThon is a three week readathon going from Sunday August 14 to Sunday August 4, centered around Pokemon. Check out all the details about the readathon and find out how to sign up at Read At Midnight. There eight badges, or challenges, to complete. We also pick a Pokemon, and for every book we read, badge we complete, review posted, etc., our Pokemon’s CP increases. The person with the Pokemon that has the highest CP at the end of the readathon will win a prize!

This is a tentative TBR. All of the books I chose are over 400 pages because I wanted to gain as much CP is possible. As the readathon goes on, if I’m struggle to get through so many chunky books I may switch things up. I also placed a big Amazon book order a couple days ago, so there’s a chance that I’ll change my TBR to include a couple of those. I’ll update this post if that happens.

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I picked Shinx for my Pokemon. I wanted one with a three stage evolution that was cute at every stage!

Shinx Trainer Card

Evolution card

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I’m planning to read The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy, the first in The League of Princes series. I snagged this one from a Book Outlet sale a couple years ago, and it’s a middle grade book so it should be a quick one.

436 pages, + 43 CP gain

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I STILL haven’t read Queen of Shadows, even though I pre-ordered it. I knew I had to add it to my TBR for this readathon, especially since the next book is coming out soon.  I have the audiobook for this one as well, so I might end up listening to part of it.

648 pages, + 64 CP gain

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A Gathering of Shadows Final


A Gathering of Shadows is yet another book that I can’t believe I haven’t read yet. I’ve heard amazing things about AGOS, and I’m told it’s another one that may make me cry.

512 pages, + 51 CP gain

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I love this cover of Radio Silence by Alice Oseman. Alice is known for writing diverse characters, so I’m excited to finally pick up one of her books. And there’s an ace character in this one!

410 pages, + 41 CP gain

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I was gifted Rook by Sharon Cameron with the promise that it contained a slow burn romance. I honestly don’t know what this one is about, so I’m going to go into it blind.

456 pages, + 45 CP gain

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The Hero of Ages is one of the longest books on my TBR for this readathon, but I’m planning to listen to the Graphic Audio audiobook to help me get through it within three weeks.

724 pages, + 72 CP gain

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I’ll be honest, the last time I reread Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was in preparation for the release of the Order of the Phoenix. I’ve been slowly rereading the entire series, but this one was always my least favorite so it’s taken me awhile to get motivated to pick it up.  I’m hoping a readathon is just what I need to power through it.

734 pages, + 73 CP gain

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Sunrise by Mike Mullen is the final book in the Ashfall trilogy, and deals with the aftermath of an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. I devoured the first two books in just a couple days each, so the final book should be a fast read too.

542 pages, + 54 CP gain




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I’m planning to finish each book (+20 CP) and write a review on Goodreads (+ 20 CP).


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This total doesn’t include potential CP gains from posting on social media.


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5 thoughts on “#ReadThemAllThon TBR

  1. Awesome that you’re entering as well! This TBR looks pretty smashing (I really need to get my hands on AGOS soon!), and that potential CP is definitely a competitive end result, aha!


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