#AntiBullyReads Update: Day 2

Day 2.png

Here is my original TBR post if you missed it.

Pages Read: 96

Books Read: 

9548877  23302416.jpg

Books Completed: 0

Total Pages Read: 533


  1. Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy
  2. I Swear by Lane Davis
  3. Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories
  4. Winger by Andrew Smith
  5. Wonder by RJ Palacio
  6. A Thousand Cuts by Simon Lelic (added this one after my original TBR post after receiving it from my Secret Sister)

My goal was to read at least three books from my TBR.

After Day 2: 1/6 books read

I’m really happy with my reading progress so far. I have a busy day on Day 3, so I might not get as much reading done.

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