Release Day Blitz: Relay by Layla Reyne

Spotlight on Relay by Layla Reyne

“Layla Reyne is one of the most exciting new voices in queer romance, and her newest book does not disappoint. RELAY is everything you’d want in an enemies-to-lovers tale and a sports romance. While reading, I had the same heart racing excitement as I do when watching the Olympics and could not put it down.”
-RITA nominated author Santino Hassell

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January TBR + I need recs!

Hope everyone is having a great January so far! I don’t typically plan out a monthly TBR unless I have readathons to participate in, but there are a lot of books I’ve been wanting to get to, both 2017 releases that I missed and older releases that I’ve had an urge to dive into, so I found myself writing out a list this month.  Here’s what’s up next for my TBR…

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2017 Releases I Missed

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas || They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

There are a lot of 2017 books that I haven’t gotten to yet, but these are the two I regret the most. I read about 1/3 of THUG back when it first came out, and then got distracted by a readathon and completely forgot about it for months.  What I’ve read so far has been fantastic, so I’m anxious to get back into it.  Adam Silvera is one of my favorite authors, and the only author who I collect. I already have 3 copies of TBDATE and I still haven’t read this book yet! I’m embarrassed 😳. Because of my mental health struggles, I have a hard time picking up books that don’t have a guaranteed happy ending, so both of these have been on the backburner for me. I’m considering listening to both of these via audiobook to help me get through them.

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In the Company of Shadows series

Evenfall || Afterimage || The Interludes || Fade
by Santino Hassell and Ais

I’ve been wanting to read this series for awhile, and after seeing the huge online following it has, that’s made me even more eager to pick it up.  Santino Hassell is one of my favorite authors, but I’ve been hesitant because each of the books in the series is SO LONG (all are around 1,000 pages).  I really don’t know what made me pick up the first book, Evenfall, this week, a 1,427 page tome that’s literally the longest book on my TBR and probably the longest I’ve ever attempted to read as well, right after I set a very lofty 2018 Goodreads goal! But I was sucked in almost immediately, and even after all my complaining on Twitter about how long my Kindle initially estimated it would take me to read (28 hours 💀), I’ve already flown through nearly 50% of the book in the three days since I picked it up. I doubt I’ll get through more than the first book or two this month, but with how quickly I’ve been devouring Evenfall, maybe I’ll surprise myself! I’m such a sucker for slow burn, hurt/comfort, and damaged, complex characters who are secretly a bit soft inside.  I started shipping Sin and Boyd from the moment they met, and I can’t wait to see where this long series takes them next. The fact that all of the books are available for free online completely blows my mind!

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Fallen series

Fallen || Torment || Passion || Fallen in Love || Rapture || Unforgiven
by Lauren Kate

Okay so I admit…I only watched the movie adaptation earlier this week because I thought one of the guys on the cover was really attractive 😂. The movie turned out to be really terrible and cheesy but somehow still manages to make me want to pick up the books. Based on the reviews from my GR friends, this series is really polarizing for people! It seems like every person has rated it either 1 star or 5 stars, so I’m definitely intrigued even more now. I found the entire series on audiobook through my library, and I’ve already started listening to the first book during my daily commute. I don’t hate it so far so we’ll see if I end up reading the entire series or not. If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Book Club


Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver, Steven L. Hopp, and Camille Kingsolver

Nothing exciting to share about this one, it’s just this month’s pick for my food co-op’s book club so I need to get to it as well. This will be our first read, and my first time participating in a book club!

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What’s on your TBR for January? 

My 2018 Goodreads goal is 200 books (80 higher than I normally read, because why not??). Help me reach it by recommending your favorite novellas, short books, audiobooks, and Spanish language children’s books.  

Cover Reveal: Abroad Book Two by Liz Jacobs

Abroad Book Two
Author: Liz Jacobs
Publication date: January 2nd, 2018
Genres: New Adult, Romance, LGBTQIA+ (M/M)
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The heartwarming and romantic conclusion to the duology celebrated by Teen Vogue as “a nuanced and sexy take on growing up and learning to accept who you are.”

Nick Melnikov has finally done it — he’s come out.

To himself. To his sister. And to Dex, who listens, hears him, and understands. To Dex, who kisses him and shows him all that they could be, if Nick could only find the courage. It’s one thing to let yourself be open thousands of miles away from your family, but exchange student Nick is uncomfortably aware that his time with Dex is running out. Who will he be when he goes home again?

Dex Cartwell is as happy with Nick as he’s ever been, but he can’t ignore the shadow of Nick’s inevitable departure from London, back to his life in Michigan. Is it worth it for Dex to expose his heart to another doomed relationship with a predetermined expiration date? What does Dex really want for the beginning of the next chapter in his life, post-graduation?

Dex wants to turn to his best friend in the struggle to find a way forward, but Izzy Jones has her own problems. She’s got one friend in love with her, and when she turns to another for help things get twice as complicated. Izzy never wanted complicated, but life just keeps getting in the way — and sweeping her off her feet.

Then Nick’s mom and sister come for a visit, and he is forced to decide between living his truth and protecting himself from fear and change. It’s going to take a lot of courage and a few leaps in the dark if Nick, Dex, and Izzy are to find a way to live and love on their own terms.

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