Create Beautiful Customizable Cards With Paperless Post

Today’s post is created in partnership with Paperless Post.


So much of our communication and socializing nowadays is online. How often do you drop a note on someone’s Facebook wall or send a quick text to say happy birthday rather than going to the store to buy paper cards and invitations? I know I do it all the time.  I just don’t have time to pick up and mail cards anymore with my buys job and responsibilities.  With Paperless Post, you can send digital and paper cards right from your computer.  It’s a great way to send a personalized touch to let someone know you’re thinking of them, and it’s so simple!

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Paperless Post has a user friendly site that makes it easy to customize birthday and holiday cards to send to your family and friends. I was amazed at the huge selection of designs available, along with a complete ability to customize text, font, borders, even envelop colors and stamp choices.  I created several cards from their huge selection to show you just a few of the options available.  I found that each card starts out at about 2 coins, and the price increases from there depending on your customization choices.  You can purchase 20 coins on their site for $6, and the cards I designed were 5-6 coins each. So that gives you, on average, 3-4 cards for $6, which is so much cheaper than purchasing them from a retail store.

I sent these cards to myself to see just how they work. When your recipient first opens their email, it looks like this:
Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 11.00.46 PM

Once they click on the card image, it takes them to the Paperless Post site, where an animation of the envelope appears, and from it, their card emerges.  It’s all very slick. From there, the recipient is given the option to respond to your card and message, which is them emailed back to you.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 11.01.06 PM

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Superhero themed birthday party invitation for my dog, because why not? I love that I can even make the envelope liner and stamp dog themed! What is really nice about their invitations is that you can allow guests to RSVP right from the card, as well as view a gift registry, see an optional guest list, and get directions to your event.

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I didn’t do any customization with this one (except to add a stamp) because I already loved the design and color palette used in the sample.

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Because this is a book blog, I can’t forget to mention the book themed cards! When I searched “book” on the site, there were almost 50 different card choices. Here were some of my favorites:


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Give Paperless Post a try the next time you send a birthday card and see what you think!  I’d love to see what designs you come up with! 

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