Books N Bloggers Swap Reveal

In case you missed it, here is my post announcing my participation in this swap and explaining all the details, but I’ll share the basics.

  • Packages must contain 3 books (one you love; one you haven’t read but are interested in; one from your partner’s wish list) in your partner’s preferred genre(s).
  • Packages can contain more than that, if you wish…check out our Books ‘n’ Bloggers Pinterest Board for inspiration on inexpensive crafts.

My swap partner this round was……… Giovanna from Book Coma Blog! Giovanna sent me an amazing package that was much needed after my crazy busy work day on 3 hours of sleep.

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Here’s a look at all the amazing things that were in my package:


Love the color of the tissue paper wrapping!


Giovanna picked out some great books for me! I got DIMILY from the library last spring but only had time to read a few chapters before I had to return it. I loved when I’d read so I’m excited to pick it back up!

I heard about If I Fall, I Die from an issue of People magazine a couple years ago, and I’ve wanted to check it out ever since. It’s about a boy who’s grown up with an agoraphobic mother, and so he’s never left his house.  It sounds really good, and I’m interested to read about him discovering the world for the first time as a 12 year old.

Am I Normal Yet? is one of my newest additions to my TBR, and I’m interested to read it because it’s about mental health, feminism, and friendship!  It deals with feminism as it relates to mental health too, which I’m so excited to read about!

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Look at that coloring book!! I’ve been coveting the Colortronic coloring book for so long, and it’s even more beautiful than I thought it would be.  It’s also much bigger, which I love.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t start coloring in it already…

The markers go great with that coloring book, and I love that they’re double sided. The paper is so cute and it’ll be really handy at work when I’m jotting down notes about kids.  Same with the pencils. I’ve been wanting to buy more wood pencils this school year. A lot of my students struggle to write with mechanical pencils, so I’ll be able to loan these out during my one on one lessons too. The Captain America notebook is perfect for me, and I have a feeling a student or two are going to be very jealous of it.  I really like this chocolate brand (I’m eating a piece right now!!) because some of the proceeds from sales go to wildlife conservation. And it’s GMO free and the package has a monkey on it! Good thing this package didn’t arrive last weekend because my parents were in town and my mom would have stolen all the chocolate for herself.

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Thank you so so much Giovanna for the lovely package.  You did an amazing job picking out things for me that I love.  You went above and beyond the swap requirements and I’m so thankful for your generosity.  I’m interested to hear which book you picked out for each category if you’d like to share!


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5 thoughts on “Books N Bloggers Swap Reveal

  1. Yay! I’m glad you liked everything! Like a Doofus, I totally forgot to put in a note! Sorry! 😐 Anyway, I kind of didn’t really follow the guidelines…Shh! But I got you DIMILY from your wishlist. I just got you IIFIID because it was on your goodreads wishlist, and I gave you Am I Normal Yet, because I REALLY want to read it! I’m glad you love that coloring book. When I saw it, I just had to get it for you, it’s SO PRETTY! 😀

    I love my package by the way! I’ll be posting it up either today or tomorrow. Thank You! 😀


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