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This tag was originally created by It Starts at Midnight, and all the lovely graphics belong to them as well.

Hooray! I’m excited to squeeze one more post in featuring the Summer Olympic games.  If you missed my first two posts, check them out here:

15 Books to Get You Excited for the Olympic Games

Soundtrack Saturday: Summer Olympics Edition

And now onto the tag!

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I just finished this last night, and I knew it was going to be good from the very beginning.

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The entire book takes place on a cross-country road trip!

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All the best love triangles end in polyamory.

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I really hated everything about this book and I don’t understand the hype at all.

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How about an entire anthology centered around summer?

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I really love this trilogy and it’s full of injuries, death, and even some cannibalism.

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There were so many twists in this book that I never knew what was going to happen next.

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So many tears!

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The first half of Heir of Fire was so slow, and then all the sudden there were tons of things happening, and the last 20% was crazy.

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Forever one of my favorites. Now I read it with my students.

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I love this middle grade fantasy book that’s full of whimsical talking animals.

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I disliked this one so much that I almost gave up on it altogether.

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Best friendship squad ever.

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How about a whole list of them instead?
15 Books to Get You Excited for the Olympic Games

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Are you watching the Summer Olympics? I can’t wait for women’s gymnastics tomorrow! 

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