BLITZ: The Four-Night Run by William Lashner (+ A GIVEAWAY)


From the bestselling author of The Barkeep and the Victor Carl series comes THE FOUR-NIGHT RUN by William Lashner (Thomas & Mercer; $15.95 Trade Paperback Original; $4.99 Ebook; May 24, 2016) a thrilling story of reckoning, racketeering, and revenge. 

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The Four-Night Run

J.D. Scrbacek is young, talented, and the best criminal lawyer money can buy. But after winning the biggest trial of his career, his victory ends in violence. At first, Scrbacek assumes the bomb that killed his assistant was meant for his monster-mobster client. But with a second attempt on his life, he comes to realize he’s a marked man.

On his own and on the run, Scrbacek seeks safety in Crapstown, the forgotten, run-down slum of the city. But when he gets there, he’s forced to face his past… if he ever wants to see his future. Scrbacek must argue for his life to a jury that would rather see him dead. Is he lawyer enough to save himself?

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“Opens with a blistering trial scene…After the razzle-dazzle opening, Lashner slips into a thoughtful reflection on the failings of the legal system…there is also lively action, great steamy sex, and witty dialogue. The phrasemaking is dazzling.”

Booklist on The Four-Night Run 

“Lashner melds a nightmarish vision of a city driven by greed and poverty with serious discussions of criminal law and its practice and its corruption.”

—Publishers Weekly on The Four-Night Run

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William Lashner

William Lashner is the New York Times Bestselling creator of Victor Carl, who has been called by Booklist one of the mystery novel’s “most compelling, most morally ambiguous characters.” The Victor Carl novels, which have been translated into more than a dozen foreign languages and have been sold all across the globe, include BAGMEN, KILLER’S KISS, FALLS THE SHADOW, FATAL FLAW, and HOSTILE WITNESS. He is also the author of BLOOD AND BONE, THE ACCOUNTING, and, most recently, THE BARKEEP, which was a Digital Book World Number One Bestselling Ebook.

Lashner was a criminal prosecutor with the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. before quitting the law to write fulltime. A graduate of the New York University School of Law, as well as the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, he lives with his wife and three children outside Philadelphia.    


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