Review: Collage This Journal


22716447Title: Collage This Journal
Author: Eleanor Shakespeare
Publisher: Potter Style
Publication date: March 15, 2016
Genres: Crafts, Papercrafts, Self-Help
Source: Blogging For Books

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This irresistibly interactive journal is filled with dozens of clever ideas for recording your life, such as “Make balloons out of photos from special and happy occasions” or “Fill the genie’s lamp with wishes.” The author/illustrator’s wonderfully layered photo-illustration montages invite readers to mix media, too, and make this keepsake truly their own.

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My Review

I’d never had a collage book before this, so I was excited when I was able to request this one.  It ended up not being what I expected, but I still made it my own and had fun with it.

When I glanced through the sample pages before requesting it, it looked like a fun, mindless (in a good way) craft that I could do to relax.  When I received the book, I realized it is more of a self-help book, with prompts on every page such as “Who or what are your major hang-ups?” and “What makes you feel safe and protected?”  There are also some more fun prompts mixed in amongst these, but not as many as I anticipated.  Many of the prompts ask that photos of family, self, memories, and personal events be collaged.  This could be fun in theory, but it requires so much extra $$ to print duplicate images for collaging purposes. I found that really frustrating.

These prompts can definitely be ignored if you want to do your own thing on the pages. I ended up using a combination of the prompts and my own ideas.  Here’s a sample of the pages I’ve worked on so far:


My Rating

3 feathers

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I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. 

2 thoughts on “Review: Collage This Journal

  1. It’s an interesting idea but I think I would be on the same page as you when it comes to the cost of printing and the serious nature of the prompts. I think I’ll pass on this one in favour of my mindless coloring for relaxation. Thanks for the review, Amber!


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