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Apologies again for my unexpected absence this week. I had a death in the family so I’ve been dealing with that and then was out of town for the funeral. Hopefully I can get back to a regular blogging schedule again. I’ve really lacked motivation to blog this month so it’s been a struggle.  I’ve been tagged by some lovely people recently to do some tag posts, and I need to catch up on those as well. Here is the first one!

Inside Out Tag

Thank you Maria @ Big City Books for tagging me to do the Inside Out Book Tag! I absolutely loved this movie, so I’m excited to participate in the tag, which was originally created by Kristina Horner over on Booktube. You can watch her video here.

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Fangirl and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe are two of my favorite books, and any time I think about them, I get so happy.

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I’ve seen most people talk about books they hated for this question, but I chose Eating Animals because it literally made me nauseous.  Jonathan Safran Foer goes into gruesome detail about the horrors of factory farming and the meat industry in general, and if I wasn’t a vegetarian already this book would have definitely converted me.

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I had a tough time coming up with a book for this question because I don’t read scary books at all.  I picked Ashfall because it’s about the eruption of the supervolcano under Yellowstone, and it takes place the same city where I live. Natural disasters have always been really scary to me (I’m TERRIFIED of tornados) so the reality of this and the aftermath was horrifying for me to read about.  At the same time I found it fascinating and I couldn’t put it down. I just finished it yesterday at 1am and I can’t wait to pick up the next book in the trilogy.

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Hate List is another one of my all-time favorite books and it made me sob so hard at the end.  This book is about a school shooting and it’s told from the POV of the shooter’s girlfriend.  It’s heartbreaking and powerful, and I think it should be required reading for all high school students.  arrow divider


If you’ve been following me for awhile, this answer probably isn’t much of a surprise because I absolutely hated Gone Girl.  I’m not a fan of unreliable narrators, I hated the plot twist, and I really hated the ending.  Everything about this book made me mad.

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As always, I won’t be tagging specific people. If you haven’t done this tag and it sounds interesting to you, go for it! Feel free to tag me in your post or leave a comment down below with the link to your posts so I can check it out as well.  

3 thoughts on “Inside Out Book Tag

  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. Sending hugs your way ❤

    I hadn't heard about Ashfall before, but it definitely sounds like something I would enjoy. I'm adding that to my TBR. 🙂 I bought Hate List several years ago and still haven't read it… I should get on that. I enjoyed Gone Girl for the most part, but totally agree with you about hating the ending. It made me so mad!!

    Great post 🙂


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