Six Squared Challenge: February Check In (& A Twitter Chat?)


How are you doing on on #SixSquaredChallenge? Discover any great new books? I posted my own challenge update for February yesterday.

Here’s a reminder of the guidelines…

Challenge info:

  • Your challenge is to read six books from each of the six categories, for a total of 36 books by the end of 2016:
    • 6 New Releases (Debut Authors)
    • 6 New Releases (Loved Authors)
    • 6 Books to Start a Series
    • 6 Books to Complete a Series (can be different from above)
    • 6 Book to Movie Adaptations
    • 6 Goodreads Choice Awards Winners or Nominees
  • There are no minimum number of books required for each month. Three per month would be a good starting point since there are 36 books in the challenge, but you can read 1 book from the challenge in January and 10 in February if you want. This challenge is super flexible, so do whatever works best for you!
  • I’m not strict on the categories either, as long as your modification makes sense to the original prompt (some are doing “new to me” authors for the Debut Authors category, someone chose to “catch up on a series” for Finish a Series, etc.)

You are still welcome to participate! Join using the link-up on the intro post so I know you’re joining in the fun. 

Twitter Chat:

I’d like to have a Twitter chat at the end of this month since we will be a quarter of the way through the year and the challenge.  This is going to depend on the interest of all of you and anyone else who wants to join in! Twitter chats aren’t fun unless we have a lot of participants, so more info on this later in the month. Keep an eye out for an announcement of the day/time. Follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss it!

February Link Up:

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