T5W: Books You Were Spoiled For

Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey. This week’s topic is Books You Were Spoiled For. I have a bad habit of looking up spoilers for books if I think there’s a chance they won’t end well.  I dislike reading books with major character death, so I pre-screen a lot of books by asking friends if anyone important dies at the end, or by reading the summary on wikipedia.  I also read spoiler filled reviews sometimes if it’s for a book I’m not sure I want to read.



1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Who spoiled it: myself

How: Okay, so here’s the story on this one. Originally, I had planned not to read this series because someone on Tumblr said Peeta dies, so I didn’t think I wanted to read it.  Then the first movie trailer was released and I was a little more intrigued but still not interested enough to get invested in a movie that kills off everyone, including one of the main characters.  Then, the Catching Fire movie was released and I started to question whether or not the info I’d seen on Tumblr was actually true.  I proceeded to read the entire Wikipedia entry for all three books, basically spoiling the whole trilogy for me but also confirming that no, Peeta doesn’t actually die.  I waited a few months until I’d forgotten most of what I’d read on Wikipedia, then picked up the series and finally read them, right after Catching Fire was released on DVD.

Did I read it: I did!

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2. Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin


Who spoiled it: tv series

How: I watched the first season of the show before I picked up the book, so I already knew all the major spoilers.  I ended up DNFing the series anyway because I got bored with it, and couldn’t keep up with all the complicated named and loads of characters and POVs.  I do still watch the tv series though, but I get spoiled on that too because I always see people online who have read the books talking about character deaths and major events.

Did I read it: DNFed 30% into first book

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3. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Who spoiled it: ???

How: I might have looked up spoilers for this one, or possibly my best friend told me what happened (after I asked), or I might have just seen one of the many spoilers all over the internet after this was released.  I remember hearing it was about kids with cancer and immediately wanting to know how it ended. The spoiler I found kept me from reading it but I was over John Green’s books by this time so I probably wouldn’t have picked it up anyway.

Did I read it: Nope

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4. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Who spoiled it: best friend

How: She texted me as she was reading it, gushing about how great it was and that I would love it. And then she got to the ending and told me not to read it because I’d hate it. I didn’t ask for details but she knows me well enough to know what types of books I don’t like so I took her word for it. I guess technically that doesn’t mean I was spoiled because I don’t know EXACTLY what happens but I can take a guess based on the few tropes I avoid in books.

Did I read it: Nah

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5. Room by Emma Donoghue

Who spoiled it: movie trailer

How: I’d had this one on my TBR for awhile and was planning to pick it up before the movie was released. I was watching tv one day and looked up midway through the trailer, only to have the entire book spoiled for me, as many book-to-movie trailers are prone to doing.

Did I read it: Yes!

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What books have you been spoiled for? Let me know without sharing the spoilers! 

5 thoughts on “T5W: Books You Were Spoiled For

  1. I was spoilt for TFioS through tumblr because someone said the death in the book broke them, but I thought Grace was actually the one who was going to die so I was still hit with the full emotional blow.


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