Yesterday I posted the information and link-up for my 2016 Six Squared Reading Challenge. Check out the full post and sign up HERE if you missed it.  Today, I’m sharing some of my recommendations for each of the six categories.

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New Releases Debuts

New Releases (Debuts): 

Book to Movie Adaptations: 

arrow dividerStart a New Series

Start a Series: 

arrow dividerNew Releases Loved Authors

New Releases (Loved Authors): 

arrow dividerGoodreads Winners Nominees

Goodreads Choice Awards Winners/Nominees:


Finish a Series:

I can’t give any recommendations here, because this category is dependent on which series you have already started, but here are some that I hope to finish in 2015.

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Are you going to be participating in the challenge? Any books you plan to read any of the categories? Do you have any recommendations? 

5 thoughts on “#SIXSQUAREDCHALLENGE Recommendations

  1. I’m super late but I think I’ll join anyway. It’s an awesome idea. Quick question: do the Goodreads nominees/winners have to be from the most recent (what do I call it?) awards?

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