Rock My TBR: 2016 Reading Challenge


The Rock My TBR Reading Challenge was created by Sarah over at The YA Book Traveler. You can read more about the challenge on her blog HERE

The challenge is to read at least one book every month that was previously published and you already own. The official challenge hashtag is #RockMyTBR. Sarah is planning to host periodic twitter chats and giveaways as well throughout the year. At the end of each month, participants will make a post updating progress on the challenge.

This challenge should be pretty easy for me because I don’t read a ton of ARCs (I just don’t have access to many) and I rarely read library books, so I’m usually already reading published books that I own.  To make this a little more challenging, I’m creating another rule for myself: at least one of my books each month has to have been published prior to 2016.  I have so many unread books and often in a month I end up only reading the newest books I’ve bought, so I think this will help me get through all of my older releases as well.

What 2016 Challenges are you participating in? I’m working on creating one of my own as well, so be on the lookout for that! 

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