Bookish Bingo

bookish bingo.png

Bookish Bingo was created by Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews. Each bingo card lasts for three months, in this case, December 1st and February 29th.  The object is to get as many bingos as possible. Each bingo enters you in a giveaway that takes place at the end of the round.  Bekka has more information about the rules and some suggested books on this round’s blog post, so be sure to check that out as well.

Here’s the card for this round: 


This will be my first go at the challenge, and I’m really interested to see how I do. I’ll create a post at the end of every month updating on my progress, and plan to post on Twitter or Instagram whenever I cross off a square.  Eight books per month is going to be a stretch for me based on my reading over the last few months, but I think I can do it! Hopefully I can knock out a bunch of these over my holiday break.

Let me know if you have recommendations for any of the squares!  Have you participated in Bookish Bingo before? 

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