BFF Blog Hop: Getting Vloggy (+ TWO GIVEAWAYS)


Hello fellow readers! I’m excited to be participating in the Blog Friends Forever Blog Hop, hosted by Swoony Boys Podcast and Fiction Fare.  This hop runs from October 1-17th, and features 54 bloggers! #BFFBlogHop is all about spreading the blogger love, and who doesn’t love that idea?  There is a giveaway for the hop, and each participant is hosting a giveaway on their blog as well! Check out the details for both giveaways and how to enter at the end of my post.

For this hop, I chose to share my favorite vloggers with you all! I’ll admit, I watch more booktubers than I read blogs. This tends to be a faux pas in the blogging world, but watching a review is so much more effective in motivating me to pick up a book than reading a review. I do prefer bloggers for monthly wrap-ups, because there are so many awesome bloggers who include their favorite music, movies, etc. of the month along with the books they read, and I really enjoy reading that. I’m hoping to start up a similar wrap-up post feature myself very soon! As I am terrible at reviews, I think a short blurb of my thoughts on each book I’ve read during the month will be much more manageable and less intimidating for me than writing individual book reviews. We shall see…

Now, onto the list!

1.) BooksandLala

I follow Lala on her booktube channel and her personal channel, and I love all her videos.  Lala reads most of her books in one sitting after her son goes to bed, and I think that makes for a really interesting reading experience and a different outlook on individual books than many other readers (who read a book over the course of a week or longer) may have. She recently started a “Bookmark’d” monthly feature on her channel where she shares book news, monthly favorites, book to movie news, top 5 lists, and tv news.  Check out the newest installment below.

2.) Lindsey Rey

Lindsey was one of the first booktubers I started following, and she’s still one of my faves.  Lindsey reads more than anyone I’ve ever seen! She reads on average, 4-7 books every single week, which means she does her wrap-ups weekly instead of monthly.  She reads a lot of fantasy, and I’ve picked up so many books after watching her reviews that I never would have even considered before hearing her talk about them.  Lindsey does an Author Exploration series, and each video features one author Lindsey loves, which books to start with if you haven’t read the author before, her favorite book by them, what she loves about the author, and more.  I find it really interesting and helpful when planning to check out new authors.  Check out Lindsey’s Author Exploration for Brandon Sanderson below.

3.) leaninglights

Shannon is probably my favorite booktuber to watch for book reviews.  I just love the way she talks about her thoughts on books, and I can always tell if I will want to pick up a book or not after watching her review it.  Shannon recently reviewed the entire Princess Diaries series, which I’ve been wanting to reread forever! Check it out below.

4. ) Kristina Horner

Kristina posts a lot of things besides book-specific videos, and I enjoy the variety. She isn’t afraid to give books negative reviews, which I think is unfortunately, something a lot of other booktubers don’t allow themselves to do. Check out her hilarious review of Survive the Night below.

5. PeruseProject

Regan is so enthusiastic about her reading, and I love that about her videos.  Check out her October TBR video below.

So there you have it! My top 5 favorite booktubers. This list has changed drastically in the past year as my taste in books has grown and grown.

Be sure to check out the other bloggers participating today as well:

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(You can see the full list of participants and posting schedule here)

And now, onto the giveaways!

I am giving away a $5 gift card to the coffee shop of your choosing: Starbucks, Caribou, Dunkin Donuts, your fave local shop, etc! If you are international or choosing a smaller coffee shop, please make sure that e-gift cards are sold online 🙂

Enter my giveaway HERE.


There will be 3 winners. We are giving away $75, $50, and $25 gift cards to the winner’s choice of book retailer.

Enter the giveaway HERE.


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