TAG TUESDAY: The Mean Girls Book Tag

Welcome back to another Tag Tuesday. This week, I’m doing the Mean Girls Book Tag.  Thanks to Kacie at Kacie’s Bookshelf for tagging me!  This tag was originally created by Sarah-Jane over at The Book Life.

Look at me, I made a cute little graphic oOoOoOooooOOOO

Tag Tuesday

1. “It’s pronounced like Cady” – Which fictional character’s names did you get completely wrong?

  • Hermione! Until the movies were released, I called her “Hermi-own.”  I’m sure I used to mispronounce many of the HP names.
2. “She doesn’t even go here!” – Which character would you like to place in a fictional world from another book or series?
  •  I think it would be hilarious to throw Cath from Fangirl into the Harry Potter universe…
3. “On Wednesdays we wear pink!” – Repetition. Repetition. Which book gave you dejavu of another book whilst reading it?
  •  Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky reminded me so much of Hungry by H.A. Swain. I almost didn’t finish it because I felt like I was reading the same book.
4. “You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores.” – Which book gave you the complete opposite of girl power feels?
  •  Twilight series! I found Bella to be too whiny and dependent on the male characters in the books.
5. “You go Glen Coco!” – Name a character you felt like you wanted to cheer on whilst reading.
  •  Neville Longbottom!!! Especially in the final book, but I loved and rooted for Neville throughout the series
6. “Get in loser, we’re going shopping!” How long do you typically spend at a book shop?
  •  If it’s a planned trip, usually 1-3 hours.  If I’m just passing through, I can usually be in and out in less than 30 minutes
7. “It’s not my fault you’re like in love with me or something!” – Which character would have to get out a restraining order on you, if they were real?
  •  I really don’t like this question, honestly. Stalking people isn’t a joke
8. “I can’t help it that I’m popular.” – Which overhyped book were you cautious about reading?
  •  The Hunger Games! I didn’t start reading the series until the second movie had been released, and that was only after some intense pressure from one of my good friends.  I’m glad I read them!
9. “She’s a life ruiner. She ruins peoples lives.” – We all love Regina George. Name a villain you just love to hate.
  •  So many Harry Potter answers but… I love Draco so much and he’s also a really terrible bully.  I’d get so angry at him, but his tragic backstory and awful family really made me sympathize for him as a character.
10. “I’m not like a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom.” – Your favourite fictional parents. 

11. “That is so Fetch!” – Which book or series would you love to catch on?

  • I’ve never really heard people talk about Hate List by Jennifer Brown, and I wish it were more popular. It’s a book I think everyone should read once in their life.
12. “How do I even begin to explain Regina George?” – Describe your ideal character to read about.
  •  My absolute favorite kinds of characters have major character development throughout the course of a series.  I love tragic back stories, genuinely nice, kind characters, and extremely funny characters.
13. “I just have a lot of feelings.” – What do you do when a book gives you a bad case of ‘the feels’
  •  CRY. I tend to avoid books with “feels” unless I know they will have a happy ending. I can’t handle sad books with lots of drama unless there’s an uplifting, positive ending.

14. “Nice wig Janice, what’s it made of?” “Your Mom’s chest hair!” – Which characters one liners would you love to claim for your own?

  • Jace from The Mortal Instruments series is so sarcastic and entertaining. I love his character!

15. “Boo, you whore.” – Name a time a character’s decision has made you roll your eyes

  • Juliette from the Shatter Me series made some really terrible decisions!! She annoyed me so much. I loved Tahereh Mafi’s writing style, but all those characters got increasingly more obnoxious as the series went on.

4 thoughts on “TAG TUESDAY: The Mean Girls Book Tag

  1. Hate List is very high on my TBR. I agree that it should be widely read and as a teacher, I definitely need to read it! I love your answers 🙂


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