My bookshelves!

I’ve been containing all of my Dewey’s challenges to my #readathon update post, but I decided to give this one its own post since the images are so large, and I ended up typing long explanations for everything!

(Shelfie challenge original post)


IKEA shelves that serve double duty as my nightstand.  The top rightmost is where I keep my currently reading books.  Right now, it’s just The Well of Ascension because I didn’t want to read such a chunker during the readathon and all of my readathon TBR books are in my living room. These shelves are typically my “will be reading soon” books, and are also the books that get rearranged and replaced the most often.

Floating shelves above the white IKEA shelves.  Top shelf is Goodreads First Reads, middle shelf is where I keep the upcoming month’s TBR books as well as some currently reading books that I’m getting through very slowly. The bottom shelf is just there to look pretty because the Wildwood books are so gorgeous 🙂


This is my main bookshelf. Very special to me because my grandpa built it, and he passed away last summer.
On top of the bookshelf are my three sets of the Harry Potter series, and my Hana Kimi 3-in-1 mangas.
The first actual shelf is: currently reading & spanish workbooks, jewelry box my grandpa made, and some series books (some of the few that fit on that shelf because its very short).
Shelf two: mass market paperbacks, middle grade & new adult, random assortment of paperbacks I won in a giveaway, and the rest of the shelf is adult novels.
Shelf three: non-fiction and the majority of my unread YA books.
Shelf four: all of my read books and the magazines I keep (Vegetarian Times & Alt Press). They’re starting to be double shelved so I clearly it’s time to buy another bookshelf!

What do your shelves look like? How do you organize your books? Do you rearrange your shelves often?

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