T5W: Bookish Habits

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey. || Goodreads group


This week’s topic is Bookish Habits.

5. TBR Piles
I make a TBR pile at the beginning of every month. I am really bad at sticking to that pile of books, but making a stack of books that sits next to my bed helps keep me motivated to read every day. I often have Goodreads giveaway books that I need to read and review as well, so having those on the pile reminds me to read them soon.

4. Reading Multiple Books
I always have to be reading multiple books at once.  I almost always have 2-3 physical books, an ebook or two, and an audiobook all going at once. I’m very paranoid of getting my books bent or dirty, so often when I’m out of the house, I just read an ebook on my phone rather than take the risk that I’ll damage a book by bringing it with me.  I also drive a lot for my job (2+ hours a day), and reading audiobooks during all that driving makes my day go by faster.   I read a lot of physical books at one time because I am very much a mood reader. I often put something down if I’m not in the mood, and pick another book up for an hour or even a few days. I think this is the reason why I don’t get into reading slumps very often. Right now I have 14 (!!!!) books on my “currently reading” shelf on Goodreads. Six of them I am actively reading, and the rest are books I’ve put down months ago and haven’t decided if I’ll DNF them or pick them back up eventually again.

3. No Cracked Spines
I think this one is pretty common in the blogger and booktube community, but I do not like to crack spines when I’m reading.  This is a fairly new habit of mine because I used to fold the cover over onto the back of the book so that I could hold it with one hand. This not only definitely cracked the spine, but often led to the book falling apart pretty easily, which is one of the main reasons why I stopped doing it.  Sanne has made a great video on how to avoid cracking book spines if you’re someone who hates it as much as me.

2. Dust Jacket Off
Again, this one is pretty common.  Even before I started obsessively taking care of my books, I’ve never been able to read hardcovers with the dust jackets on. Besides the obvious reason of keeping the dust jackets in good condition, I hate the way they bulge in the spine area when I’m trying to read, and they’re always slipping around and off the books anyway.  I usually take them off when I start reading and display them on my bookcase until I’m done with the book.

1. Book to Movie Adaptations
If I have any plans at all to read a book that is being adapted into a movie, I will not see the movie until I’ve read the book. The books are almost always better, and I also just don’t want the movie to influence how I feel about the book if I see it before reading the story. Sometimes this means I’ll watch the movie a year or more after it’s been released because I haven’t gotten around to the book yet.


What are your bookish habits?

4 thoughts on “T5W: Bookish Habits

  1. The thing about folding the cover back around the book makes me cringe every time I see it, even with textbooks (you’ve no right to complain that the book falls apart if you do that, in my opinion).

    I also feel you about wanting to read the book before seeing the adaption. This comes particularly troubling when the movie trailer is more interesting than the book summation on Goodreads.

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    • Now that I’m collecting books more, I honestly can’t believe that I used to do that to my books! I have a few books on my shelves (some of my favorites!) that are in horrible condition and look awful on my bookshelf from folding them back when I read them. ugh.

      Sometimes I’m amazed with trailers because it seems like they give away the entire story before you’ve even seen the movie. Why bother spending money to go watch it when they’ve told you everything that’s going to happen in a 2 minute video?


      • Agreed. Most movie trailers should come with spoiler warnings–but then there are some, like the Gone Girl one, that keep the twists secrets. I have to admit, I have not been spoiled for that one yet, and I’m a little surprised.

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